About Us

Club Details

Brock University Student Juan Fonseca Philosophy (BA) created Brock Pre-Law Society for Students interested in being involved with all aspects of the legal world. Brock Pre-Law Society is proud to offer resources to those interested in pursuing Law School. Brock Pre-Law offers Canadian Law School Sessions and Schools from Australia, The United States, and The United Kingdom. Brock Pre-Law also offers LSAT Prep and Experiential learning services in the form of Mock Trials and Moot Courts and community engagement, and the opportunity for placements and research opportunities through our mentorship program and our sponsors.

Club History

Brock Pre-Law Society is home to Brock University's first Undergraduate Journal. This Journal is an opportunity for students from the Brock Community to be published under the supervision of Brock Departments and Faculty. Brock Pre-Law Society is proud to be an educational organization since its founding working on expanding collaboration and growing its network with local partners and incoming and departing Brock University Students.

Club Officers

Director of Brock Pre-Law Media

Danielle Thomas

Hey Badgers! My name is Danielle and I am in my fourth year of media and communications. It has been an honour holding the role as the social media director and I look forward to what this year has to bring! My goal is to create a space for Brock students to feel welcome as they embark on their paths to discovering their interest in law. I am working towards a career in international law as I believe that is where I can make the most difference. However I enjoy and respect all other sections that studying law has to offer, as each in their own ways contribute to a greater scale. At the end of the day I will be happy serving any role in the law industry that fulfills a purpose helping others because that is what matters the most to me.